This past weekend I read the book 'Reality Therapy' by William Glasser, M.D., a psychiatrist. The book was written in the 60's. I imagine it was quite controversial at the time, and still is today. It posits that essentially, there is no such thing as mental illness.That all (so called) mental illness is a lack of responsibility (this sounds harsher than is explained in the book) and that with proper guidance, through a care provider who is truly connected to the patient, issues can be overcome and the patient can assume their place in family & society, leading meaningful lives.

While I don't agree with the book in its entirety, I did find it very intriguing and worth learning more about. I think the implications for preventative care, of say youth, & at risk youth, for example, could be quite profound.

It is possible that it could be useful for other populations as well, once stabilized, including PTSD.

I look forward to reading the latest versions of this work and will report back. If anyone is familiar with it already, and would like to share, I would be very interested to know what your experience has been!

Here is a link to Dr. Glasser's website and the Choice Theory page:
The (COSC) Conference (which was held last week in San Diego) was very informative again this year! It was great to have Dr. Sheldon Kramer there with me. And, it was very rewarding to have a lot of people we talked to say they knew of our program!
For anyone interested in PTSD/TBI, mental health & the military, here is a link to the presentations slides for the break out sessions: