Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching

When horses interact with humans, they respond to the emotions, intentions and thoughts that are often unconsciously expressed thru our bodies.

The EFLC coaching method is based on the mind body method developed by Kathy Pike. A very  powerful coaching method that helps people  integrate information from the body and the right brainwith information obtained from the mind and the left brain.

By bringing the attention to our body during the  session with a horse, we connect to information and wisdom within our bodies. Horses read the signals from our bodies and use them as information. Horses then reflect what they perceive back in their own body language. In this way the horses function as a mirror to our emotions, thoughts and intentions, expressed thru our bodies.


Information we are often unaware of, known as our blind spots, now become concious to us. During the coaching sessions with horses we use the feedback from the horse to learn about ourselves. This can lead to insights about behavioural patterns, emotions, blocks, traumas or beliefs. As well as insights in talents, strengths and possibilities.